Pywbem - A WBEM clientΒΆ

Pywbem is a WBEM client, written in pure Python. It supports Python 2 and Python 3.

A WBEM client allows issuing operations to a WBEM server, using the CIM operations over HTTP (CIM-XML) protocol defined in the DMTF standards DSP0200 and DSP0201. The CIM/WBEM infrastructure is used for a wide variety of systems management tasks supported by systems running WBEM servers. See WBEM Standards for more information about WBEM.

This package is based on the idea that a good WBEM client should be easy to use and not necessarily require a large amount of programming knowledge. It is suitable for a large range of tasks from simply poking around to writing web and GUI applications.

The general pywbem web site is: