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# This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
# modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
# version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
# WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# Lesser General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public
# License along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
A DMTF CIM schema is the collection of CIM qualifier declarations and CIM
classes managed by the DMTF and released as a single tested, coherent package
with a defined major, minor, update version number.  The MOF representation of
a DMTF schema release is packaged as a single zip file and is available on the
DMTF web site ( ).

Because the DMTF CIM schemas are the source of most of the classes that a WBEM
server normally implements it was important to create a simple mechanism
to include the DMTF CIM classes and qualifier declarations in the
:class:`~pywbem_mock.FakedWBEMConnection` mock repository.

The :class:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema` class downloads the DMTF CIM schema
zip file defined by version from the DMTF web site into a defined directory,
unzips the MOF files into a subdirectory and makes this subdirectory
available as a property of the :class:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema` object.

The implementation of this class depends on all of the qualiifiers and
classes in the CIM schema having unique class names; this is always true for
DMTF CIM schema releases to assure that they can be installed in the same
namespace in a WBEM server repository.

Once a DMTF CIM schema is extracted into the individual MOF files it consumes
considerable space since it expands to almost 3000 files.  Therefore it is
logical to remove all of the individual MOF files when not being used and also
if the schema information is to be committed to be used in testing in an
environment like github. Therefore, a method
:meth:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema.clean` removes all of the MOF files from
local storage.  They are restored the next time the
:class:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema` object for the same version is constructed.

The DMTF maintains two versions of each released schema:

* Final - This schema does not contain any of the schema classes that are
  marked experimental.  It is considered the stable release.

* Experimental - Contains the classes in the final schema plus other
  classes that are considered experimental. It is considered less stable and
  the experimental classes with the Experimental qualifier are subject to
  incompatible changes .

:class:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema` will install either the final or
experimental schema depending on the value of the `use_experimental`

Because it is usually necessary to compile only a subset of the DMTF CIM
classes into a mock repository for any test, the
:class:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema` class provides a
:meth:`~pywbem_mock.FakedWBEMConnection.build_schema_mof` method to create a
MOF include file that includes only a subset of the classes in the downloaded
DMTF CIM Schema. The task of listing classes to be compiled is futher
simplified because the pywbem MOF compiler searches the DMTF schema for
prerequisite classes (superclasses, reference classes, and EmbeddedInstance
classes) so that generally only the leaf CIM classes required for the
repository need to be in the class list. This speeds up the process of
compiling DMTF CIM classes for any test significantly.
import os
from zipfile import ZipFile
import shutil
import six
    from urllib.request import urlopen
except ImportError:  # py2
    from urllib2 import urlopen

from pywbem._utils import _format

__all__ = ['DMTFCIMSchema']

[docs]class DMTFCIMSchema(object): """ :class:`DMTFCIMSchema` represents a DMTF CIM Schema downloaded from the DMTF web site. This class manages the download of the DMTF schema zip file and extraction of MOF files of DMTF CIM schema releases into a directory that can be used by :class:`~pywbem_mock.FakedWBEMConnection` to compile a mock repository with class and qualifier declarations. """ def __init__(self, schema_version, schema_root_dir, use_experimental=False, verbose=False): """ The init method downloads the schema if the `schema_root_dir` or the schema zip file do not exist into the directory defined by the `schema_root_dir` parameter and extracts the MOF files into `schema_mof_dir`. If the schema zip file is already downloaded it simply sets the :class:`DMTFCIMSchema` property values. If the schema zip file was previously downloaded but `schema_mof_dir` does not exist the directory is created and the MOF files are extracted into this directory. Parameters: schema_version (tuple of 3 integers (m, n, u): Represents the DMTF CIM schema version m.n.u where: * m is the DMTF CIM schema major version * n is the DMTF CIM schema minor version * u is the DMTF CIM schema update version This must represent a DMTF CIM schema that is available from the DMTF web site. schema_root_dir (:term:`string`): Path name of the schema root directory into which the DMTF CIM schema zip file is downloaded and in which a subdirectory for the extracted MOF files is created Multiple DMTF CIM schemas may be maintained in the same `schema_root_dir` simultaneously because the MOF for each schema is extracted into a subdirectory identified by the schema version information. use_experimental (:class:`py:bool`): If `True`, the experimental version of the defined DMTF schema is installed. If `False`, (default) the final version of the defined DMTF schema is installed. verbose (:class:`py:bool`): If `True`, progress messages are output to stdout as the schema is downloaded and expanded. Default is `False`. Raises: ValueError: if the schema cannot be retrieved from the DMTF web site. TypeError: if the `schema_version` is not a valid tuple with 3 integer components """ if not isinstance(schema_version, tuple): raise TypeError( _format("schema_version {v!A} must be tuple", v=schema_version)) if len(schema_version) != 3: raise ValueError( _format("DMTF Schema must have 3 integer components, " "(major, minor, update version) not {v!A}", v=schema_version)) # is a tuple for i in schema_version: if not isinstance(i, six.integer_types): raise TypeError( _format("{0!A} in schema_version {v!A} not integer", i, v=schema_version)) # is a tuple schema_type = 'Experimental' if use_experimental else 'Final' self._schema_version = schema_version self._schema_root_dir = schema_root_dir mof_dir = 'mof{0}{1}'.format(schema_type, self.schema_version_str) self._schema_mof_dir = os.path.join(self._schema_root_dir, mof_dir) cim_schema_version = 'cim_schema_{0}'.format(self.schema_version_str) mof_zip_bn = '{0}{1}'.format(cim_schema_version, schema_type) self._schema_zip_url = \ '' \ 'cim_schema_v{0}{1}{2}/{3}'. \ format(schema_version[0], schema_version[1], schema_version[2], mof_zip_bn) schema_mof_bld_name = cim_schema_version + '.mof' self._schema_zip_file = os.path.join(self._schema_root_dir, mof_zip_bn) self._schema_mof_file = os.path.join(self.schema_mof_dir, schema_mof_bld_name) self.verbose = verbose # Setup the local copy of the DMTF CIM schema which may include creating # the schema directory, downloading the schema zip file from the DMTF # web site, and extracting the schema into a subdirectory of the schema # directory. self._setup_dmtf_schema() @property def schema_version(self): """ :func:`py:tuple`: of 3 integers with major version, minor version, and update version of the DMTF Schema installed. Ex (2, 49, 0) defines DMTF schema version 2.49.0. """ return self._schema_version @property def schema_version_str(self): """ :term:`string`: with the DMTF CIM schema version in the form <major version>.<minor version>.<update version>. """ return '{0}.{1}.{2}'.format(*self.schema_version) @property def schema_root_dir(self): """ :term:`string`: Path name of the directory in which the DMTF CIM Schema zip file is downloaded. the MOF files are extracted into a subdirectory, `schema_mof_dir`. """ return self._schema_root_dir @property def schema_mof_dir(self): """ :term:`string`: Path name of the directory in which the DMTF CIM Schema MOF files are extracted from the downloaded zip file. This property is useful since it can be used as the MOF compiler search path for compiling classes in the DMTF CIM schema. """ return self._schema_mof_dir @property def schema_mof_file(self): """ :term:`string`: Path name of the DMTF CIM schema MOF top level file which used to compile the complete CIM schema. This file contains the `#pragama include` statements for all of the classes in the schema and the qualifier declaration `#pragma include` statements to compile `qualifiers.mof` and `qualifiers_optional.mof`. This filename is of the general form:: <schema_mof_dir>/cim_schema_<schema_version_str>.mof ex: schemas/dmtf/moffinal2490/cim_schema_2.49.0.mof """ return self._schema_mof_file @property def schema_zip_file(self): """ :term:`string`: Path name of the DMTF CIM schema zip file downloaded from the DMTF web site. """ return self._schema_zip_file @property def schema_zip_url(self): """ :term:`string`: Url for the DMTF CIM Schema version that is downloaded. """ return self._schema_zip_url
[docs] def __str__(self): """ Return a short string representation of the :class:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema` object for human consumption. This displays the major properties of the object. """ return '{0}(schema_version_str={1}, schema_root_dir={2}, ' \ 'schema_mof_dir={3}, ' \ ' schema_mof_file={4})'.format(self.__class__.__name__, self.schema_version_str, self.schema_root_dir, self.schema_mof_dir, self.schema_mof_file)
[docs] def __repr__(self): """ Return a string representation of the :class:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema` object that is suitable for debugging. """ return '{0}(schema_version={1}, schema_root_dir={2}, ' \ 'schema_zip_file={3}, schema_mof_dir={4}, ' \ 'schema_mof_file={5}, schema_zip_url={6})' \ .format(self.__class__.__name__, self.schema_version, self.schema_root_dir, self.schema_zip_file, self.schema_mof_dir, self.schema_mof_file, self.schema_zip_url)
def _setup_dmtf_schema(self): """ Install the DMTF CIM schema from the DMTF web site if it is not already installed. This includes downloading the DMTF CIM schema zip file from the DMTF web site and expanding that file into a subdirectory defined by `schema_mof_dir`. Once the schema zip file is downloaded into `schema_root_dir`, it is not re-downloaded if this function is recalled since DMTF CIM Schema releases are never modified; new update versions are released for minor changes. If the `schema_zip_file` is in the `schema_root_dir` directory, but no 'schema_mof_dir' subdirectory exists, the schema is unzipped. This allows the DMTF CIM schema zip file to be downloaded once and reused and the user to chose if they want to retain the extracted MOF files or remove them with :meth:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema.clean` when not being used. If the schema is to be committed a source repository such as git it is logical to commit only the DMTF CIM schema zip file. Creation of the `schema_mof_dir` subdirectory will be created when the :class:`pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema` object is created. Raises: ValueError: If the schema cannot be retrieved from the DMTF web site. TypeError: If the `schema_version` is not a valid tuple with 3 integer components """ def print_verbose(msg): """ Inner method prints msg if self.verbose is `True`. """ if self.verbose: print(msg) if not os.path.isdir(self.schema_root_dir): print_verbose( _format("Creating directory for CIM Schema archive: {0}", self.schema_root_dir)) os.mkdir(self.schema_root_dir) if not os.path.isfile(self.schema_zip_file): print_verbose( _format("Downloading CIM Schema archive from: {0}", self.schema_zip_url)) try: ufo = urlopen(self.schema_zip_url) except IOError as ie: os.rmdir(self.schema_root_dir) raise ValueError( _format("DMTF Schema archive not found at url {0}: {1}", self.schema_zip_url, ie)) with open(self.schema_zip_file, 'wb') as fp: for data in ufo: fp.write(data) if not os.path.isdir(self.schema_mof_dir): print_verbose( _format("Creating directory for CIM Schema MOF files: {0}", self.schema_mof_dir)) os.mkdir(self.schema_mof_dir) if not os.path.isfile(self._schema_mof_file): print_verbose( _format("Unpacking CIM Schema archive: {0}", self.schema_zip_file)) zfp = None try: zfp = ZipFile(self.schema_zip_file, 'r') nlist = zfp.namelist() for file_ in nlist: dfile = os.path.join(self.schema_mof_dir, file_) if dfile[-1] == '/': if not os.path.exists(dfile): os.mkdir(dfile) else: with open(dfile, 'w+b') as dfp: dfp.write( finally: if zfp: zfp.close()
[docs] def build_schema_mof(self, schema_classes): """ Build a string that includes the ``#include pragma`` statements for the DMTF schema CIM classes defined in `schema_classes` using the DMTF CIM schema defined by this object. The class names in this list can be just leaf classes. The pywbem MOF compiler will search for dependent classes. It builds a compilable MOF string in the form:: #pragma locale ("en_US") #pragma include ("System/CIM_ComputerSystem.mof") with a ``#pragma include`` for each classname in the `schema_classes` list Parameters: schema_classes (:term:`py:list` of :term:`string` or :term:`string`): These must be class names of classes in the DMTF CIM schema represented by this :class:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema` object. This parameter can be a string if there is only a single class name to be included. If the returned string is compiled, the MOF compiler will search the directory defined by `schema_mof_dir` for dependent classes. Returns: :term:`string`: Valid MOF containing pragma statements for all of the classes in `schema_classes`. Raises: ValueError: If any of the classnames in `schema_classes` are not in the DMTF CIM schema installed """ if isinstance(schema_classes, six.string_types): schema_classes = [schema_classes] schema_lines = [] with open(self.schema_mof_file, 'r') as f: schema_lines = f.readlines() output_lines = ['#pragma locale ("en_US")\n'] for cln in schema_classes: test_cln = '/{0}.mof'.format(cln) # May contain Unicode found = False for line in schema_lines: if line.find(test_cln) != -1: output_lines.append(line) found = True break if not found: raise ValueError( _format("Class {0!A} not in DMTF CIM schema {1!A}", cln, self.schema_mof_file)) return ''.join(output_lines)
[docs] def clean(self): """ Remove all of the MOF files and the `schema_mof_dir` for the defined schema. This is useful because while the downloaded schema is a single compressed zip file, it creates several thousand MOF files that take up considerable space. The next time the :class:`~pywbem_mock.DMTFCIMSchema` object for this `schema_version` and `schema_root_dir` is created, the MOF file are extracted again. """ if os.path.isdir(self.schema_mof_dir): shutil.rmtree(self.schema_mof_dir)
[docs] def remove(self): """ The `schema_mof_dir` directory is removed if it esists and the `schema_zip_file` is removed if it exists. If the `schema_root_dir` is empty after these removals that directory is removed. """ self.clean() if os.path.isfile(self.schema_zip_file): os.remove(self.schema_zip_file) if os.path.isdir(self.schema_root_dir) and \ os.listdir(self.schema_root_dir) == []: os.rmdir(self.schema_root_dir)