4.5. CIM status codes

This section defines constants for two areas:

  • CIM status codes (the CIM_ERR_* symbols). They are for example stored in CIMError exceptions.

  • Other constants.

Note: For tooling reasons, the constants are shown in the namespace pywbem._cim_constants. However, they are also available in the pywbem namespace and should be used from there.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_ACCESS_DENIED = 2

Access to a CIM resource is not available to the client.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_ALREADY_EXISTS = 11

The operation cannot be invoked because an object already exists.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_CLASS_HAS_CHILDREN = 8

The operation cannot be invoked on this class because it has subclasses.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_CLASS_HAS_INSTANCES = 9

The operation cannot be invoked on this class because one or more instances of this class exist.


The WBEM server does not support continuation on error. New in pywbem 0.9.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_FAILED = 1

A general error occurred that is not covered by a more specific error code.


Using a a filter query in pulled enumerations is not supported by the WBEM server. New in pywbem 0.9.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_INVALID_CLASS = 5

The specified class does not exist.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_INVALID_ENUMERATION_CONTEXT = 21

The enumeration identified by the specified context cannot be found, is in a closed state, does not exist, or is otherwise invalid. New in pywbem 0.9.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_INVALID_NAMESPACE = 3

The target namespace does not exist.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_INVALID_OPERATION_TIMEOUT = 22

The specified operation timeout is not supported by the WBEM server. New in pywbem 0.9.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_INVALID_PARAMETER = 4

One or more parameter values passed to the method are not valid.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_INVALID_QUERY = 15

The query is not valid for the specified query language.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_INVALID_SUPERCLASS = 10

The operation cannot be invoked because the specified superclass does not exist.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_METHOD_NOT_AVAILABLE = 16

The extrinsic method cannot be invoked.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_METHOD_NOT_FOUND = 17

The specified extrinsic method does not exist.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_NAMESPACE_NOT_EMPTY = 20

The specified namespace is not empty. New in pywbem 0.9.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_NOT_FOUND = 6

The requested object cannot be found. The operation can be unsupported on behalf of the WBEM server in general or on behalf of an implementation of a management profile.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED = 7

The requested operation is not supported on behalf of the WBEM server, or on behalf of a provided class. If the operation is supported for a provided class but is not supported for particular instances of that class, then CIM_ERR_FAILED shall be used.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_NO_SUCH_PROPERTY = 12

The specified property does not exist.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_PULL_CANNOT_BE_ABANDONED = 24

The attempt to abandon a concurrent pull operation on the same enumeration failed. The concurrent pull operation proceeds normally. New in pywbem 0.9.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_PULL_HAS_BEEN_ABANDONED = 23

The pull operation has been abandoned due to execution of a concurrent CloseEnumeration operation on the same enumeration. New in pywbem 0.9.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_QUERY_LANGUAGE_NOT_SUPPORTED = 14

The query language is not recognized or supported.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_SERVER_IS_SHUTTING_DOWN = 28

The WBEM server is shutting down and cannot process the operation. New in pywbem 0.9.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_SERVER_LIMITS_EXCEEDED = 27

The WBEM server has failed the operation based upon exceeding server limits. New in pywbem 0.9.

pywbem._cim_constants.CIM_ERR_TYPE_MISMATCH = 13

The value supplied is not compatible with the type.

pywbem._cim_constants.DEFAULT_NAMESPACE = 'root/cimv2'

Default CIM namespace for WBEM connection

pywbem._cim_constants.DEFAULT_TIMEOUT = 30

Default operation timeout for WBEM connection, in seconds

pywbem._cim_constants.DEFAULT_URL_PORT_HTTP = 5988

Default port number for http WBEM connection New in pywbem 1.0.

pywbem._cim_constants.DEFAULT_URL_PORT_HTTPS = 5989

Default port number for https WBEM connection New in pywbem 1.0.

pywbem._cim_constants.DEFAULT_URL_SCHEME = 'http'

Default URL scheme for WBEM connection New in pywbem 1.0.